Equipment Financing

Equipment leasing is used by many businesses to acquire the equipment they need to run their day-to-day operations.

  • Low Monthly Payments

    By leasing your equipment, it allows you to pay affordable monthly payments while you earn revenue from the use of the equipment right away. This increases your return on investment and allows you to easily meet your monthly budgetary goals and obligations.

  • Improved Cash Flow Management

    Equipment leasing improves cash flow as there is little to no upfront costs to obtaining equipment. This makes it easy to manage your monthly cash position and maintain a profit. Lease payments can also be structured as monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or seasonal to further align your cash flow with the peaks and valleys of your business. Additionally, newly leased equipment will help with efficiency and labour costs, thus reducing overhead expenses while increasing productivity. This efficiency and increased output will offset any monthly costs attributed to a new equipment lease while still realizing a strong revenue stream.

  • Pay for the Equipment as you Profit from Its Use

    When you lease equipment, you put the equipment to work for your business making money. In almost every circumstance, the use of the leased equipment will generate enough revenue to cover off the lease payment early in the month. This means that the equipment is turning a profit almost immediately and providing a realized return on investment.

  • Preserves Capital & Keeps Your Cash in the Bank

    Equipment leasing allows you to pay for your equipment on a predetermined schedule, typically monthly, rather than depleting your accounts of cash for an upfront purchase. By leasing equipment, your money stays in your business for operating expenses, payroll, expansion, business opportunities, and emergencies.

  • Retain Borrowing Power

    By leasing equipment through your business, you do not affect your future or current ability to borrow from your bank and other institutions. Leasing also allows you to conserve your lines of credit and loans for other potential expenditures that may arise.

  • Overcome Budget Limitations

    Businesses are continuously working within budgetary constraints. Leasing equipment, allows your business to purchase more equipment or better quality equipment than otherwise would be affordable if you were to pay cash. This means that accessories and options that would further enhance efficiency and performance can now be rolled into the equipment package. It also allows your business to get larger or a more advanced unit, giving you room for your business to grow even more.

  • Many businesses look to equipment leasing as a primary means to acquiring the equipment they need to operate because of the many benefits associated with the service. Contact us today to see how to get equipment leasing work for your business. We can even offer customised payment programs tailored to your business such as seasonal payment plans, no payment plans, step-up payment plans, and residual options.

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