Manufacturer Equipment Financing Programs

We understand that a manufacturer's growth depends on the sales of its products and the performance of its dealer network.

Jocova partners with manufacturers to create compelling low and no rate programs as a sales tool for manufacturer distributors and dealer networks. Low rate programs increase the ability for your distributors and dealers to sell equipment, increase product visibility in the market, and offer something your competition is not.

A customized equipment leasing program can give your distributors and dealer network the option to actively offer rates as low as 0% as well as other options like no pay events, and seasonal payment options.

How It Works

  • Explore ProgramOptions

    Provide some details about your business and goals to build a low rate program.

  • Market Low Rate Program

    Distribute the program to your dealer network and market low rates to customers.


    Offer low rate options to customers and gain a competitive advantage.

A History of Helping Manufacturers Grow.

Over the years we have helped manufacturers and distributors drive sales with low rate and no rate interest programs nationwide.

Our case studies and data continue to support an increase in sales and broader market adoption of equipment through the use of low rate financing programs.


  • Competitive Market Advantage

    Offering a low rate program will immediately make equipment more appealing and more affordable.

  • Marketing and Promotional Tools

    we provide branded marketing materials for your dealer network to promote the program and products.

  • Dealer Support

    Personal support provided to each individual dealer for training, pricing, consulting, and more.

  • Know Your Numbers

    A successful program relies on the numbers. We track and report program data to drive success.

  • Customers Love No Interest

    Zero Interest programs are the most popular choice for customers.

  • Support for Many Different Credit Profiles

    A lost sale is a waste of resources. We work to ensure that we do all that can be done for all credit types.

  • Interactive Tools & Resources

    From the program launch and ongoing, we utilize technology and personal touches to ensure programs are top of mind for dealers.

  • Financing Options for New & Used Equipment

    Our programs can be used to support New, Demo, and Used equipment to maximize sales potential.

Programs Designed to Drive Sales

Together we create a program that appeals to you and your customers and deliver it through your dealer network. You know your customer and their buying trends and we use that information to generate a program that will appeal to them and drive sales.

Low interest to NO interest, we work within your capabilities and preferences to build what you will be the most effective combination of resources to drive sales and assist dealers to be more competitive in the market.

Our support does not end when the program timeline ends. We provide detailed information regarding the performance of the program to analyze and review to determine program effectiveness so we can continually adjust to optimize the program for the following season or quarter.

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