Dealer Programs

Jocova Financial is a recognized leader in providing equipment financing solutions to businesses throughout Canada. We help equipment Dealers grow their business by providing their customers with fast, simple, and low rate financing options in order to facilitate equipment purchases.

The Equipment Dealers Role in the Financing Process

Equipment dealers have a significant role in the success of their customers as they advise, service, and sell the equipment that drives businesses of all sizes. Customers rely heavily on dealers to supply the right equipment that meets the needs of their business, budgets, and job-related tasks. Dealers forge strong relationships based on trust with their customers for guidance about what equipment they should be operating for ease of use, longevity, and utility. Just like getting the right equipment, customers need to be provided with the right financing options that are competitive and structured to their profiles, budgets, and cash flow.

Equipment Financing Effects Customers Success

Equally as important as being an expert in the equipment you sell, is having a firm grasp on the equipment financing options you are providing your customers.

Your knowledge of the Finance products can influence the customers purchase in a variety of ways:

  • What equipment is in their price range
  • Affordability of additional options, add-ons and warranties
  • The correct length of financing term
  • What end of term option is right for them
  • Early trade-in options and equipment upgrades
  • Being able to communicate with your customer on the basic nuances of finance offerings will provide a level of comfortable for customers to decide on their equipment purchase.

    The proper finance partner will give you the tools and knowledge you need to confidently speak to your customer, while at the same time consulting on the best options.


    Since 2007, Jocova Financial has been helping Canadian businesses secure the equipment they need to grow their business and prosper. We know time and money are important to running a business and our focus is on providing our clients with the best value in the shortest amount of time with all things equipment finance related.
    • High Approval Ratio

      High approval ratios with a combination of computer scoring and common sense approach.

    • Preferred & Low Rate Programs

      Dealer programs that offer customers best in class options.

    • All Customer Types

      Financing options for all customers types.

    • Fast Approvals

      Fast approvals. The Right Approval for the Best Rate.

    • Customized & Branded Programs

      Get programs specific to your business and seasonality including customized marketing material all for free.

    • Personalized Service

      We have knowledgeable and dedicated representatives to service your business.

    • 100% Cost Coverage.

      100% Financing provided for the equipment, attachments, taxes, and shipping.

    • Increased Sales

      Give customers easy payment options to purchase the equipment they need.

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