The DEALER ADVANTAGE with Equipment Financing & Leasing

As an equipment dealer, your priority is to maximize sales opportunities. As an equipment financing company, our goal is to help drive sales through simple monthly payment plans.


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Common Problems Associated with Equipment Financing

As an equipment dealer, stop struggling with the same problems when dealing with equipment financing companies that don't understand the issues that can impact your business and customers. Equipment dealers continue to turn to Jocova Financial for solutions to the following problems:

  • Sales lost due to declines from current equipment financing partners
  • Concerns about receiving payments
  • No low rate or manufacturer programs
  • Lack of Communication and Updates
  • Slow Turnaround time on applications and payments
  • Rate concerns and High Pricing
  • Payment required before delivery
  • Process seems complicated and takes too long

    Solutions that Combat Concerns with Equipment Financing

    Jocova Financial's industry experts in equipment financing find creative solutions for even the most challenging transactions in order to drive more equipment sales for your business. We provide the following:

  • Industry leading rates and programs
  • High approval ratio
  • Financing for new and used equipment
  • Free technology based tools
  • Equipment financing offerings for new businesses and less than perfect credit
  • Niche and specialized assets
  • Review clients' creditworthiness vs. solely computer scoring
  • Quick turnaround times on applications and payments
  • Customized financing options
  • Dealer Incentive programs
  • Commercial equipment leasing and consumer finance offerings

    Proof of the Importance of Equipment Financing

    Here is how we know Jocova Financial's equipment financing programs work and why manufacturers and dealers are benefiting from using equipment leasing and financing as a high-powered tool to drive business.

    Check Out How You Can Use This Proof to Understand Your Business

  • 78% of business clients use financing to acquire equipment according to the EFLA
  • Demand for equipment financing is growing at a rate of approximately 3% annually
  • Customers prefer making a monthly payment vs. paying full equipment cost upfront
  • The easier it is for customers to purchase equipment, the more likely they will purchase
  • More and more Dealers, Distributors, and Manufacturers and are choosing Jocova Financial to run low rate programs
  • Equipment financing contributes to the overall customer services experience and expectation
  • Boost Sales and Profits with Equipment Leasing

    As an equipment dealer, you sell equipment that businesses need; Why Not Sell More of it!

    By simply providing equipment leasing as an option to your customers, you can boost sales, improve revenue, and attract more customers.Here are some lesser known tips to help increase sales:


    1. Leasing Incentives Drive Sales

    Team-up with us, your equipment leasing partner to create incentives for your sales staff to offer financing for every customer. By educating your sales team to lead with equipment leasing, you can naturally increase your sales.

    2. Use a Cooperative Sales and Marketing Partnership

    By co-marketing your products alongside equipment leasing options, you provide potential customers with more options to purchase your equipment. Use tactics such as co-branded flyers, mailers, emails, newsletters, social media, showroom signs, equipment tags, banners, and more.

    3. Attract More Customers

    Utilize equipment financing as a sales and marketing tool to target customer financial demographics and draw customers away from other dealerships. Provide options to customers who always finance, who don't have the means to pay cash, have multiple equipment requirements, and who have seasonal payment needs.

    4. Bundle Equipment and Accessories to Increase Sales

    Your customers probably need more than just one type of equipment to run their business. Make the option of buying multiple pieces of equipment along with accessories too much of a good opportunity to pass up all wrapped up in an easy monthly payment.

    5. Renew Old Relationships for Sales Opportunities

    It is easier to sell to an existing customer than to find a new one. Products previously purchased wear out, breakdown, or become obsolete over time.

    Use your database of old and existing customers and new and old prospects to renew sales opportunities with equipment financing options catered to their needs. Work with us to create customised marketing material for these prospects and incorporate financing into your marketing campaigns. 

    6. Reduce Credit Card Transaction Fees

    Terminal swipe fees are one of the fastest-growing expenses for retailers in Canada. Reduce transactions fees by utilizing equipment leasing at no cost to you. 

    Equipment Leasing Promotes the Health and Success of Your Small Business Customers

    Equipment leasing directly and indirectly benefits many small businesses in Canada. From assisting in acquiring the equipment they need to operate, to providing the room in their cash flow they need to keep operating smoothly and be competitive.


    Did you know:

    • 78% of businesses used financing to acquire equipment 
    • 84% of Small to Medium-Sized businesses claimed to have some type of cash flow issue
    • 51% of Small Business report cash flow as their number one challenge to running their business
    • In Canada, there are 1.2+ Million Businesses. Of those, 75% have fewer than 10 employees
    • Small Businesses spend their money. $68 of every $100 small businesses spend back into their local economy


    Small businesses will always need more equipment to keep growing and operating in a competitive environment, but affordability or cash flow may hinder that growth. Openly promoting and offering the best equipment leasing options will show them you care about their business as much as they do.

    Why Equipment Leasing is So Popular and Why Your Customers Want It

    1. Low Monthly Payments

    Customers use equipment leasing because it allows them to pay affordable monthly payments while they earn revenue from use of the equipment.

    2. Improved Cash Flow Management

    Equipment leasing helps improve the customers cash flow position as there is typically little or no upfront costs as barriers to obtaining the equipment. It also allows the customer to match their monthly payment to their monthly revenue further helping manage cash.

    3. Pay for the Equipment as They Profit from Its Use

    When equipment leasing, customers put the equipment to work for their business making money whether directly or indirectly. In most circumstances, the use of the leased equipment will generate enough revenue to cover off the lease payments each month.


    4. Preserves Capital & Keeps Cash in the Bank

    Equipment leasing allows your customers to pay for the equipment on a predetermined schedule, typically monthly, rather than depleting their accounts of cash for an upfront purchase. Equipment financing allows their money to stay in their business for operating expenses, payroll, small equipment purchases, expansion, business opportunities, and emergencies.

    5. Retains Borrowing Power

    Equipment leasing helps your customers with their future ability to borrow from their bank or other institutions. Equipment leasing also allows them to conserve their lines of credit and loans for other expenditures and projects. 

    6. Overcomes Budget Limitations

    You customers are constantly working within budgetary constraints. By using equipment leasing, it allows your customers to purchase more equipment or better quality equipment then otherwise would be affordable if they were to pay cash.


    100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our Equipment Financing Services

    Jocova Financial stands by our equipment leasing and financing services. We want to ensure that our manufacturer partners, dealers, and customers get the premier services they have come to expect from us.

    What Happens If You Take No Action in Exploring an Equipment Leasing Partner?

    Jocova Financial provides equipment leasing solutions to manufacturers and dealers to help them grow their businesses and increase sales. Here are some of the effects that not implementing an equipment leasing program can have on your business:

    • Lost sales to direct competition offering the same or similar equipment
    • You are not implementing the most effective tools and tactics to drive sales
    • Potential lost sales due to pricing of equipment and customers having a certain budget
    • Slower business growth by not being able to service certain customer financial profiles
    • Lack of understanding of customer needs regarding financing
    • Not utilizing technology to keep up with customer purchasing expectations
    • Limiting sales opportunities by not promoting low monthly payment options in your marketing
    • Reduced profit margins
    • Aging accounts receivable from customers unable to pay
    • Inventory restrictions due to slow paying customers hurting your cash flow
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