Business Loans

Use a simple business loan to grow and improve your business. Cash can be used for ANYTHING business related

  • Key Characterisitcs

                                 - Loan Amount: $5,000 - $250,000
                                 - Term: 6, 9 or 12 months
                                 - Payment: Weekly
                                 - Open Loan: Buyout anytime
                                 - Cash Payment: One-time EFT transfer
                                 - Unsecured against Assets
                                 - Time: Quick as 48hrs from Application to Funding
                                 - Approval: Valid for 30 days

  • Typical Uses for Business Loans

    Bidding on Contract Jobs

    - Trade work

    - Bid on insurance contracts requiring deposits

    GAP Financing & Cashflow

    - Upfront costs and material

    Debt Consolidation

    - Credit card debt

    - Debt to CRA

    Renovations or Leasehold Improvements

    - Build or renovate your business location

    Hiring Staff, Inventory, Marketing, and More...

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