Jocova Financial | November 30, 2019

Why Valuing Your Employees Should be At the Top of Your List.

Your teams hard work is what sets you apart from your competitors. Being recognized and included in celebrating the success of your business lets employees know their presence and hard work is acknowledged & appreciated.  Having an employer call out specific positive actions completed by an employee lets them know their work is being watched.

Loyalty and authenticity are two major components that are reciprocated when an employee feels their employer shares these traits. Sticking to promises/commitments and creating an encouraging environment allows team members to fulfill their potential and be satisfied in their career.

So what are some ways to make your employees feel valued?


Saying Thank You

It may sound silly thanking someone for merely doing their job, after all their pay should be thanks enough right? Wrong. Gratitude goes a long way with employees and creates a culture of positivity. There has been research done by the university of Pennsylvania that shows gratitude increases productivity, mental and physical health as well as customer satisfaction. Give it a try and see how far it goes.


Challenge Them

The monotony of daily grunt work can get people stuck in a rut of feeling like what they’re doing is repetitive, boring, lifeless tasks. To show an employee you value them, give them something to break out of that rut; something that makes them think a different way or sparks excitement, or is important. Understand that everyones level of what they can handle is different, so make sure to match the challenge to your employees skills so you don’t run the risk of having the opposite effect and leave them feeling like the tasks are impossible.


Invest in Their Growth

Nobody wants to be at the entry level position for their entire lives. Connect with your employees on an individual level and see what their career goals are. Help them reach those goals. Even if they aren’t destined to be with your company forever, they will see the time you put in and reward with hard work and a good attitude. For those that will want to continue on in the same line of work, they will see a light at the end of the tunnel, and a way up the ladder. Set challenges and goals for them and stick to your commitments. 


Invest In the Growth of the Company

Everyone wants to be part of something exciting, growing, and having an impact. Engage with employees at all levels with regards to growth opportunities and insights that fit within your vision to find the best strategy, equipment, and technologies to implement. Use your frontline workers to consult on customer opportunities and your operations team to see what kind of equipment you should be investing in to deliver better products more effectively. Utilize equipment financing as a means to acquire equipment on a cash flow basis to accelerate change and reduce impact on the company’s capital.


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