By EquipmentPatrol | March 16, 2021

Steps to Selling Heavy Equipment Online to Ensure a Quick Sale

Why Sell Heavy Equipment Online

Selling heavy equipment online, whether you are an equipment dealer or private seller, is now the industry standard and what is expected by potential customers looking to buy. To ensure a quick an easy sale process, here are a few tips you should be doing when getting your equipment ready to list as well as posting online.


Get the Equipment Clean and Ready

If you want to sell heavy machinery online, you need to make sure that it is clean and ready to be viewed. Clean the machine inside and out to make it appealing to potential buyers. This shows the machine has been cared for will help with a higher sale price. Fix any small chips or dents as well as touch up any scratches. The potential buyer must view your heavy machinery online in a favorable light and be excited about the equipment and condition.


Take High-Quality Photos

Another essential step in selling heavy machinery online is taking high-quality photos. The photos must be taken from all angles and different heights so that the buyer can get a good look at the machine and see what aspect interests them. It is also important to take pictures of interior, the engine, manufacturer plate including serial/VIN numbers as well as relevant gauges (i.e. hour meter). Photos should be taken in good lighting preferable outdoors in the daylight. If you do not have a professional camera, then it would be best to invest in one, hire someone to photograph the unit or use a high-quality smart phone. Having high-quality photos of the equipment from various angles is one of the most important aspects of posting heavy equipment for sale online.


Write a Detailed Equipment Description for your Listing

When listing your heavy equipment for sale online be sure to provide a description of the equipment that details the specifications of the machine that a buyer would want to know. It is good to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and include the information you would want to know. Such information could include; year, make, model, hours, condition, attachments, damage, rebuild details, any issues, key features, and how the unit was used. Make sure your description is honest and not misleading as well as includes any keywords that relate to your equipment to help your listing get found. This will help avoid any confusion in the sales process and not waste anyone’s time.


Include the Sale Price of the Equipment

It is essential to include a sales price for the heavy machinery you are selling online in your listing. This ensures that both you and seller have similar expectations of the closing price that you expect. If the price is too high then you may have a limited number of people reviewing your listing. If your price is too low, potential buyers may think something is wrong with the equipment.


Get Back to Potential Buyer Questions Timely and Answer their Questions Honestly.

Be sure to watch your email for any questions from potential buyers and be sure to respond quickly and honestly. By responding quickly, you keep potential buyers engaged and by being brutally honest keeps the buyer’s expectations in-check.



Selling heavy machinery online is the easiest way to sell your unneeded equipment. If you want to ensure that you sell your equipment quickly and for top dollar, follow these tips and selling heavy machinery online will be simple.


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